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Abide in Christ Expository Sermons & Bible Studies
Bible Reading Plans for the Whole Year
ABZU Oriental Institute Research Archive for Ancient Near Eastern Materials
Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray Online book
The Abstract Of Principles
ACTS -  W. McGarvey's Original Commentary on Acts Full text online
Advanced Studies at Bible Study Fellowship
Alfred Edersheim Collection - Bible History, Sketches of Jewish Life, Temple
Are the Bible Documents Reliable?
New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable? by F. F. Bruce
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites 
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Ancient Near East
Archaeology Magazine
ArchNet - Archaeology
Ark of the Covenant in ISBE Bible Encyclopedia
Ark of the Covenant in Jewish Encyclopedia
Athens Acropolis photos (excellent wide assortment)

Audio Bible Listen as you browse
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Behind the Lordship Controversy
Being Filled with the Spirit
Bible Browser Advanced
Bible Concordances
Biblical Archaeology Webs out to a number of good archaeological sites
Bible Exposition (Articles online at Leadership U)
Biblical Greek
Biblical Hermeneutics
Bible Gateway  Search 6 Bible translations in English. Also in Spanish, German, Swedish
Naves Topical Bible online -- excellent easy to use
Bibles On-line comprehensive links
Bible History Excellent, well developed interactive

Biblical History and Archaeology

  • Biblical Archaeological Society (BAS)
  • K.C. Hanson's Homepage
  • The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology
  • The New Testament and Its Context
  • LIVIUS - Ancient History
  • Biblical History Online
  • Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World
  • Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA)
  • ABZU (Univ. of Chicago)
  • Second Temple Synagogues (Donald Binder-SMU)
  • Bible and Archaeology

     Bible Cities

  • Capernaum - The Town of Jesus
  • Corinth   Excellent Historical Background
  • Virtual Tour of Jerusalem
  • First Century Ephesus
  • The Corinth Computer Project
  • Pisidian Antioch
  • Cities of Revelation
  • Archaeology Magazine
  • Century One Foundation
  • Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Ancient Near East News (discoveries, exhibits, etc.)
  • Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
  • Biblical Literature (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
  • History of Israel (Internet Ancient History Sourcebook)
  • Mythology Project (Princeton)
  • Revelation Resources
  • Ugarit and the Bible
  • Introduction to Ugaritic Grammar
  • Biblical Archaeology Resources
  • Persecution in the Early Church
  • Council of Nicaea and the Bible
  • Significant Biblical Archaeological Finds
  • James Ossuary Inscription (My response to Dr. Altman)

     Bibleoutlines.com Paul Apple Bible Studies - online commentaries
    Bible Toolbox - excellent 26 Translations, word studies, Greek study, commentaries, illustrations

    English Bibles

  • The New English Translation (NET Bible)
  • The Blue Letter Bible
  • The Bible Gateway
  • The Unbound Bible
  • Bible Study Tools (crosswalk.com)
  • Olive Tree Bible Versions Search and Comparison
  • The HTML Bible
  • Naves Topical Bible online -- excellent easy to use
  • New American Bible (Catholic) Not same as NASB (New American Standard Bible)
  • Jewish Publication Society (JPS 1917) Bible
  • The Five Gospel Parallels
  • Bible Versions (Tyndale)
  • The Online Bible (free downloadable Bible search software)
  • E-Sword (free downloadable Bible search software)

    Greek Bibles

  • Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype (University of Münster)
  • New Testament Transcripts Prototype (University of Münster)
  • The Online Greek Bible
  • Greek New Testament NA26 (in GIF format by Tony Fisher)
  • Greek New Testament (? 2000 Michael Haggett)
  • Home of the Greek Bible (Church of Greece)
  • Biblon 2000 Greek New Testament
  • The Holy Bible (Combined Greek MSS)
  • Westcott-Hort Text (at Perseus)
  • 1881 Wescott-Hort with NA26/27 variants (Wieland Willker)
  • The Blue Letter Bible
  • Olive Tree GNT
  • Notes on the Greek New Testament (P. Misselbrook)
  • The Septuagint - LXX (Joel Kalvesmaki)
  • Greek-English Septuagint (Sir Lancelot Brenton)
  • Septuagint (H.B. Swete)
  • The Septuagint (transliteration)
  • Notes on the Septuagint (R. Grant Jones)
  • Comparison of LXX/MT in NT quotations
  • Introduction to the Septuagint (in French)
  • Audio Greek New Testament (by Marilyn Phemister)
  • Mirror of Marilyn Phemister's Audio GNT at CCEL
  • Greek / Latin Audio Recording Project

    Hebrew Bibles

  • Torah, TaNaKh, Babylonian and Jersalem Talmud
  • TaNaKh
  • Hebrew-English Bible
  • The Tanach Page
  • The Torah (hebrew text and audio chant)
  • The Blue Letter Bible
  • Olive Tree Biblia Hebraica
  • Jewish Publication Society (JPS 1917) Bible
  • Mechon Mamre (TaNaKh and Misheh)
  • Paleo-Hebrew Torah

    Interlinear Study Bible
    Blue Letter Bible Excellent study tool.
    Books On-line: Christian Big collection
    A. B. Bruce - Training of the Twelve Full tex of this great book
    John Bunyan Archive
    John Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion
    Calvin's Commentaries Full text online
    Will Calvinism Kill Evangelism?
    Chaefer Theological Seminary Journal Articles on-line
    Adam Clark Commentary online
    The Covenant of Circumcision: No Just Plea For Infant Baptism
    The Cross: The Primary Content of Preaching
    Dead Sea Scrolls  Dead Sea Scrolls
    Dimensions of Faith -- FREE online courses from Gordon Conwell Seminary
    The Doctrine of Regeneration
    Doctrinal Preaching - Timothy George
    Down-Grade Controversy Documents C. H.  Spurgeon
    Easton's Bible Dictionary
    Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project, The
    Galatians - Commentary on the Epistle by Martin Luther Full text online
    God's Will, Man's Will, and Free Will
    Greek-English Text Tools & Lexica
    Gutenberg Bible at U.T Ransom Center

    Harmony of the Gospel - J. W. McGarvey's The Fourfold Gospel Full text online
    The Health of Confessional Christianity - article in Founder's Journal
    Hellenistic Greek Linguistics
    How to Study Theology Martin Luther
    I Exalt NavPres
    Infant Baptism and the Regulative Principle of Worship
    Insight for Living - Today's Broadcast
    Institute of Biblical Greek
    Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts

    ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) Online Also ISBE

    Select a letter from below
    to display alphabetical list:


    Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary on the Whole Bible Full text online
    Jesus Is Lord
    John the Baptist--the Silence That Breaks the Silence Article in Founder's Journal
    B. W. Johnson's Commentary on John: Table of Contents Full text online
    The Works of Flavius Josephus Complete online
    Judaism and Jewish Resources
    Justification by Faith Alone & Confessional Confusion Founder's Journal article - excellent
    Law and Gospel
    Learning the Priority of the Local Church
    Lexicons Greek & Hebrew
    Logos Software Scholarly Books on CD
    Lordship, Justification and Sanctification
    Lordship and Regeneration
    The Lordship Controversy and Repentance
    Lordship, Experience, and Interpretation
    The Man in Romans 7
    Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
    NASB & The Lockman Foundation New American Standard Bible
    Lordship and the Nature of Saving Faith (1)

    Bible Maps

  • OSSHE Historical & Cultural Atlas Resource
  • Free Bible Maps
  • Ancient Maps of Jerusalem
  • The Nature of Saving Faith (2)
    The NET Bible - New English Bible ©1996 Biblical Studies Press
    The Omniscience of God: Does the Lord Really Know Everything?  Article in Founder's Journal - excellent
    On Coming to Christ --Part 1 
    On Coming to Christ --Part 2
    Online Bible StudyConcordance, Naves, Bible Dictionaries, Lexicons, etc.
    Online Study Library Nave's Topical Bible, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Vine's Expository Dictionary, Torrey's New Topical Textbook, and Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary. All cross-indexed.
    Outward and Effectual Calling: A Doctrinal Study
    Pastoral Implications of Open Theism
    Pastoral Priorities Article in Founder's Journal - excellent
    Pastoral Purity Article in Founder's Journal -excellent
    The Tabernacle Place  three-dimensional models and teaching as a type of coming of Christ Free S. S. Lessons
    The Pastor as Theologian
    The Perfect Balance of God's Truth
    Perseus Project, The (Tuft University's resource for Classic and Koine Greek)
    The Reformed Pastor
    A. T. Robertson Word Pictures online
    Scofield Reference Notes
    Scriptorium Center for Christian Antiquities, The (biblical manuscripts)
    Sermon Starters
    Sketches of Jewish Social Life - Edersheim Read online 
    Sketches of Jewish Social Life - Eldersheim Full test - Large file - takes time to download
    Ray C. Steadman Reference Library Many of Ray's books and Bible studies are on this important site.
    Temple - Its Ministry and Services -Alfred Edersheim

    M. R. Vincent's Word Studies  online
    Vine, the True by Andrew MurrayOnline book
    Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
    Westminster Morphologically Analyzed Hebrew Bible (BHS)
    What is the Gospel?
    Where Is God?
    Whom He Did Foreknow: Observations on Romans 8:29 - Roy Beaman
    World Wide Study Bible Excellent resources on the whole Bible at Wheaton College

    Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea (Library of Congress Exhibit)
  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea (on ibiblio.org)
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls (Mahlon Smith-Rutgers)
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Page(Ian Hutchesson)
  • Dead Sea Scrolls & Qumran (Hoselton)
  • Dead Sea Scrolls (Alan Humm)
  • Great Isaiah Scroll Directory (Fred Miller)
  • Dead Sea Scolls Bibliography



    Daily Bible Reading Chart PDF format by
    Robert Murray M`Cheyne (PDF Download to print off and put in your Bible)

    Daily Bible Reading Chart by Robert M. M`Cheyne
    Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.