JUDGES: Distressing Dark Ages of Israel

The recurring cycle of sin


Political Background (1:1-2:6)

Theological Background (2:6-3:6)






The people go into apostasy. They rebel against God

3:7-11 .Israel did what was evil in the sight of the LORD . . . served Baals. (v. 6-7)

God sends an enemy nation to conquer and chastise them.

God sent the Mesopotamian king, Cushan-Rishathaim to chastise Israel for 8 years (v. 8)

The people pray for deliverance.

.When the sons of Israel cried to the LORD. (v. 9)

God answers their prayers by raising up a deliverer to free them and give them peace.

Othniel (vv. 9-11), nephew and son-in-law of Caleb (1:13; 3:11). Peace for 40 years

3:12-30 .Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD (v. 12) Israel served Moabites, Ammonrites and Amalekites for 18 years (vv. 12-14) .Israel cried to the LORD. (v. 15) .The LORD raised up a deliverer for them, Ehud. (v. 15). Ehud was a left-handed Benjamite who gave Israel 80 years of peace (v. 30)
3:31; 5:6 Philistines (v. 31)   Shamgar slew 600 Philistines (v. 31)
4:1-5:31 .Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD. (4:1) .The LORD sold them into the hand of Jabin king of Canaan. (4:2) for 20 years (v. 3) .Israel cried to the LORD. (v. 3) Deborah and Barak (v. 4, 6; Heb. 11:32). 40 years of peace
6:1-8:35 .Israel did what was evil in the sight of the LORD. (6:1) .the LORD gave them into the hands of Midian 7 years. (6:1, 3, 33; 7:12) Medianites, Amalekites and .people of the East. .So Israel was brought very low . . . Israel cried to the LORD. (6:6-7) Angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon (6:8, 11). 40 years of peace (8:28; Heb. 11:32). He is also called Jerubbaal (6:32; 7:1)
8:33-10:5 .Israel played harlot with the Baals. . . Israel did not remember the LORD. (8:33-34) Civil war (9:56-57) Abimelech (9:1-57)   Tola (10:1-2) 23 years of peace.

Jair (10:3-5) 22 years of peace (v. 3)

10:6-12:7 .Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, served Baals and Astharoth . . . they forsook the LORD and did not serve Him. (10:6) .Anger of the Lord burned against Israel. (v. 7). Philistines and Ammonites (10:7; 12:4) .Israel cried out to the LORD, saying .We have sinned against Thee . . .. (10:10) God used an outlaw Jephthah (11:1-3, 21-23; Heb. 11:32) for 6 years (12:7)
12:8-15     Ibzan of Bethlehem ruled 7 years (v. 9), Elon for 10 years (v. 11), Abdon 8 years (v. 14)
13:1-16:31 .Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD. (13:1) Philistines (13:1) for 40 years .The angel of the LORD appeared. (v. 3ff) .Samson called to the LORD. 16:28) Samson (13:24; 14:6, 19; Heb. 11:32-34) Ruled for 20 years (15:20; 16:31)
1 Samuel 1:9; 2:12-36; 4:1-7:2; 1 Kings 2:27 Philistines captured the Ark of the covenant, 20 years   Eli, the priest at Shilo 40 years
1 Samuel 1:1-2:11; 3:1-4:1; 7:3-8:3 Philistines .Samuel said, .I will pray to the LORD for you . . . Samuel cried to the LORD. (1 Samuel 7:5-6, 9-10 Samuel the last of the Judges and a prophet for 20 years. He was one of the greatest men in the O. T., a Levite, Nazarite, prophet and judge (1 Sam. 7:6, 15-17;Acts 3:24; 13:20; Heb. 11:32)


Religious life (ch. 17-18)

Moral life (ch. 19)

Political life (ch. 21)

Title: Outline of Judges
Series: Intrroduction to Books of the Bible

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