Poems on Revelation

 - Christ Pre-eminent
 - John the Apostle
 - A Grotesque Figure
 - The Living Christ
 - The Church at Ephesus
 - The Poor Rich Church
 - Hell's Headquarters
 - Waiting for the Morning Star
 - Sardis: Dead or Alive?
 - Church with an Open Door
- Church with a Closed Door

 - The Glory of God
 - Glory of God the Creator
 - The Song of Creation
 - The Redeeming Lamb
 - The Redeeming Lamb (2)
 - The White Horse of Conquest
 - The Blood-Red Horse
 - The Black Horse of Famine
 - The Pale Horse and Pestilence
 - The Souls of the Martyrs
 - The Shattered Universe
 - Safely through the End Time
 - The Seal of God
 - Martyrs and Angels in Praise
 - The Praise of Angels
 - Cleansing from Sin
 - The Blood of the Lamb
Sacrifice and Acceptance
 - The Bliss of the Blessed
 - The Divine Shepherd
 - Silence and Thunder
 - Trumpets, Woes and Warnings
 - The Flying Eagle
 - Demonic Horror
 - The Cavalry of Vengeance
 - The Feared Cavalry
 - The Unutterable Revelation
 - Delay No Longer
 - Joy and Sorrow
 - Measuring the Temple

The Preamble to Revelation

On the canvas of eternity
Is the most incredible, intriguing
And exciting narrative ever
Painted, in all the annals of history.

Our risen, glorified Savior proclaimed,
I am the first and the last. I am the
Living One; I was dead, and behold
I am alive for ever and ever.

And all Christendom shouted,
Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise God
For the living Lord and our hope
Beyond the deathly tomb.

What hope! What encouragement!
For the suffering Christians, under
Domitian persecution, that
Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

This magnificent book of symbolism
Is the unveiling of the omnipotent
God through Jesus Christ who is
Coming again, for his followers.

The symbols suggest Majesty,
Judgment, Warning, Conflict, Retribution,
Consummation, Destiny, and
Victory through the sacrificial Lamb.

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(c) Rex H. Henderson 2003 - All poems are copyrighted by Rex H. Henderson and are used by permission.

- The Two Witnesses
 - Things to Come
 - Mother and Her Child
- The Forces at War
- War in Heaven
- Devil and the Beast
- Christianís Only Weapons
- The Second Beast
The Fatherís Own 
- The Imitation of Christ
- Angels Bring Good Tidings
- A Voice from Heaven
- The Harvest of Judgment
- The Victors of Christ
- The Song of Victory
- Unapproachable Glory
- Retributive Justice
- Satanís Recruiting Agents

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Reflections on the Revelation, Poetical Musings on the Book of Revelation is available in attractive paperback. 83 pages published by RonJon Publishing Inc. (c) 2004 by Rex. H. Henderson.  

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Poems from the Psalms Poetical Musings on the Psalms is now available in attractive paperback. 158 pages published by RonJon Publishing Inc. (c) 2003 by Rex. H. Henderson.

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Books in Print by Rex Henderson

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- The Seventh Bowl

- Rome Becomes a Harlot
- Vision in the Wilderness
- The Scarlet Woman
Beast the Harlot Rode
- The Fall of Babylon
- The Final Desolation
- The Rejoicing Saints
- The Victorious Warrior
- The Victorious Warrior (2)
Victory over Satan
- Triumph of the Martyrs
- The Overthrow of Satan
- Eternal Destinies
- The New Creation
- Destiny of the Redeemed
- The Destiny of the Redeemed (2)
- The Destiny of the Redeemed (3)
- The Conclusion of the Pageant


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