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Rex H. Henderson

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Rex's report on a recent trip to Honduras where he worked on a medical-dental-evangelism team in Cuyali, El Paraiso, Honduras.



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The Good man and the Bad man   (Psalm 1)

Who’s in Charge?  (Psalm 2)

A Morning Psalm  (Psalm 3)

An Evening Psalm  (Psalm 4)

The Presence of God  (Psalm 5)

In the Agony of Pain  (Psalm 6)

The Trumpet Sound of a Victor  (Psalm 7)

The Splendor of His Name  (Psalm 8)

Praise, Triumph and Confidence  (Psalm 9)

Actor in World Affairs   (Psalm 10)

The Best Refuge  (Psalm 11)

The Righteous suffer for the Healing of Society  (Psalm 12)

The Magic of Faith  (Psalm 13)

A Corrupt World and a Righteous God   (Psalm 14)

The Question and Answer (Psalm 15)

The Psalm of Precious Secret (Psalm 16)

A Prayer of David  (Psalm 17)

My God is My Rock  (Psalm 18)

The Big and Little Books  (Psalm 19)

A National Anthem  (Psalm 20)

National Thanksgiving  (Psalm 21)

The Psalm of the Cross  (Psalm 22)

The Pearl of the Psalms  (Psalm 23)

The Song of the Ascension  (Psalm 24)

Prayer and Meditation  (Psalm 25)

Walking On Level Ground  (Psalm 26)

My Light and My Salvation  (Psalm 27)


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Hope in God Alone  (Psalm 28) The Lord, the Lord Almighty  (Psalm 29) Gratitude For Miraculous Blessings  (Psalm 30)
The Rock of Refuge  (Psalm 31) Forgiveness and Blessedness (Psalm 32) Forgiveness and Blessedness  (Psalm 33)
A Poor Man’s  Rich Legacy  (Psalm 34) The Important You  (Psalm 35) The Song of Happy Service  (Psalm 36)
The Blessedness of Trust
in God’s Providence  (Psalm 37)
A Wounded Soul Cries for Help  (Psalm 38) Creature of a Day  (Psalm 39)
Pit, Savior and Rock  (Psalm 40) A Weak Man’s Strong Tribute  (Psalm 41) Depression and It’s Cure  (Psalms 42-43)
Unfailing Love  (Psalm 44) The Messianic Wedding Song  (Psalm 45) Only One Sure Refuge  (Psalm 46)
The King of the Earth  (Psalm 47) The City of God  (Psalm 48)

Death and Prosperity  (Psalm 49)

Almighty God, the Lord  (Psalm 50)

Confession, Cleansing and Renewal  (Psalm 51)

Righteous Judgment for a Wicked Man  (Psalm 52)
Fools and Faith  (Psalm 53) Betrayed for a Smile  (Psalm 54) Friendship Betrayed  (Psalm 55)
What Can Man Do to Me?  (Psalm 56) Fugitive Finds Refuge  (Psalm 57) Big Judges in little Pants  (Psalm 58)
A Sly Fox and his Fortress  (Psalm 59) If We Go with God  (Psalm 60) The Rock Higher than I  (Psalm 61)
Only Safe in God Alone  (Psalm 62) God’s Love Better Than Life  (Psalm 63) Sudden Destruction of Wicked Men  (Psalm 64)
Good Gifts Come from God  (Psalm 65) A Psalm of Thanksgiving  (Psalm 66) That God May be Known  (Psalm 67)
God Saving His People  (Psalm 68) Sorrows and Savior  (Psalm 69) Download Poems in Adobe PDF format
May God be Exalted  (Psalm 70) A Psalm for Old Age  (Psalm 71) A Song of Solomon (Psalm 72)
The Honest Doubter Triumphs  (Psalm 73) A Nation Pleads with God  (Psalm 74) Our God Reigns  (Psalm 75)
Our Awesome God  (Psalm 76) Remembering His Blessings  (Psalm 77) Teachings from Israel’s History  (Psalm 78)
A Passion for God and People  (Psalm 79) May Your Face Shine upon Us  (Psalm 80) “O My People…”  (Psalm 81)
Judges Yes, But there’s God  (Psalm 82) The Surrounding Foe  (Psalm 83) The Psalm of the Doorkeeper  (Psalm 84)
Meeting of Righteousness and Peace  (Psalm 85) An Appeal for Mercy  (Psalm 86)

The City of our God  (Psalm 87)

The Dark Night of the Soul  (Psalm 88) Great Is Your Faithfulness  (Psalm 89) Where Is Your Faithfulness?  (Psalm 89)
A Prayer of Moses  (Psalm 90) Under His Wings  (Psalm 91) A Psalm for the Sabbath  (Psalm 92)
Praising the Eternal King  (Psalm 93) God the Righteous Judge  (Psalm 94) Come, Worship with Joy  (Psalm 95)
A Great Missionary Hymn  (Psalm 96) Our Awesome God  (Psalm 97) A Psalm of Exuberance  (Psalm 98)
Divine Holiness  (Psalm 99) The Psalm of Thanksgiving  (Psalm 100) A Royal Proclamation  (Psalm 101)
Frailty Anchored in Eternity  (Psalm 102) “Praise the Lord, O My Soul”  (Psalm 103) Creation is God’s Pleasure  (Psalm 104)
God’s Deeds Made Known  (Psalm 105) “Let All the People Say, 'Amen'”  (Psalm 106) “Through Many Toils and Snares”  (Psalm 107)
The Warrior’s Morning Song  (Psalm 108) Reflections from the Psalm  (Psalm 109) Our wonderful Priest and King  (Psalm 110)
Praising God’s Providence  (Psalm 111) The Blessedness of the Righteous Man  (Psalm 112) Who is Like God?  (Psalm 113)
Song of the Exodus  (Psalm 114) Trust in God  (Psalm 115) Help of the Helpless  (Psalm 116)
A Little Psalm, Large in Spirit  (Psalm 117) Enduring Love Forever  (Psalm 118) The Preamble (I) (Psalm 119)
The First Example (II) (Psalm 119) Learn, Find, and Obey (III) Psalm 119) The Word, Love for, and Clarity (IV)  (Psalm 119)
Walking, Loving and Praying  (V) (Psalm 119) Coming Toward the End  (VI)  (Psalm 119) From Here to Zion  (Psalm 120)
Unto the Hills  (Psalm 121) Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem  (Psalm 122) Looking Upward  (Psalm 123)
What If?  (Psalm 124) The Believer is Like Mount Zion  (Psalm 125) Like Men Who Dream  (Psalm 126)
God’s Blessings Are Essential  (Psalm 127) Blessings of a Christian Home  (Psalm 128) Cast Down, but Not Destroyed  (Psalm 129)
Out of the Depths Pearls Are Found  (Psalm 130) Growing in Grae  (Psalm 131) God’s Ark Placed in Zion  (Psalm 132)
Unity in the Kingdom  (Psalm 133) Praise and Blessing in Zion  (Psalm 134) Servant and Saint Praise God  (Psalm 135)
God’s Love Endures Forever  (Psalm 136) By the Rivers of Babylon  (Psalm 137) A Bold Man’s Praise  (Psalm 138)
Safe in God’s Thought and Hands  (Psalm 139) Evil for Evil’s Sake  (Psalm 140) An Evening Prayer  (Psalm 141)
Alone but for the Lord  (Psalm 142) O God Answer My Prayer  (Psalm 143) God’s Blessings on His People (Psalm 144)
The Praise of David  (Psalm 145) Praise the Lord, O My Soul  (Psalm 146)

The Goodness of God Celebrated  (Psalm 147)

The Universe Praises God  (Psalm 148) Praise the Lord in Song  (Psalm 149) Praise Him, Praise Him  (Psalm 150)
Leaves and Life His Holy Feet “Sweetly My Soul Shall Rest”
The Ultimate Revelation The Sinner’s Destiny The Sentence of Life
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