Accomplishments of Nehemiah a Focused Leader

 Nehemiah was a leader with a focused faith.

His accomplishments are numerous, and his example as a leader is exemplar.

·        Nehemiah was respectful with his superior.

Nehemiah respectfully asked for and received permission from King Artaxerxes to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

He asked the king to reverse a longstanding foreign policy regarding Judah.

Ezra had attempted to rebuild the walls and failed (Ezra 4:11-16). This is the same king to whom Nehemiah served as cupbearer (1:11).

God had His man in the right place at the right time. He prayed to God and used wisdom in his approach to the king.

·        Nehemiah had excellent administrative abilities.

He had a long-term plan for rebuilding the wall, repopulating the city and bringing renewal and reform to Judah.

Nehemiah arranged with the king for supplies, permissions with the governors of neighboring provinces, travel permits, etc.

The two mile long fortified wall was no small adventure around the destroyed city.

·        Nehemiah knew how to encourage people.

The rebuilding project was overwhelming for the people who had tried previously and failed to rebuild he wall. He was overcoming a century of defeat.

·        Nehemiah overcame opposition to his leadership.

The opposition took the form of ridicule, threat, violence and corruption.

He overcame the opposing forces by keeping a close personal relationship with God, a strong sense of God’s calling, a healthy sense of self-esteem and personal worth, wisdom and discernment, and steadfast courage.

·        Nehemiah completed the construction of the wall in 52 days.

We aren’t told how wide the wall was, however the choirs walked on it while singing.

God accomplished in fifty-two days through Nehemiah what others had failed to do for a century.

·        Nehemiah encouraged a great national revival.

He stepped out of the limelight and permitted another leader Ezra to lead the revival and reform. Ezra as a priest and scribe was better prepared to lead the exposition of the Word of God and call to repentance.

Nehemiah returned to find the need to reinforce the reforms and the new covenant.

·        Nehemiah reorganized and repopulated the city.

His job was not over until the capital city was repopulated with political and spiritual leaders.

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Title:   Accomplishments of Nehemiah a Focused Leader

Series:  Nehemiah: A Leader with a Focused Faith

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