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"Expect great things from God!
Attempt great things for God!

Abide in Christ is a faith ministry dependent upon the Lord and Bible believing Christians to provide free of charge Bible teaching ministries to build up His church and to reach unbelievers for Jesus Christ.  Mission Statement 

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 NEW Leadership Training for Quechua Pastors in Ecuador   PDF

NEW Personal Evangelism Training in Ongole, India   PDF

NEW Dr. John Howell, Jr. Ecuador Dental Mission Team Report   PDF

NEW Evangelism Team at Kintia Panki, Ecuador   PDF 

NEW Pastor Leadership Conference Celebrating 5 Years Peniel Theological Seminary   PDF

NEW A New Work of Faith in San Juan Guaboc, Ecuador   PDF

God's Chosen Instruments in Ecuador   PDF

How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher in Ecuador?

Peniel Seminary Students with a Missionary Vision

Unto the Ends of the Earth  PDF

Peniel Theological Seminary Riobamba Ecuador

Advancing the Gospel in New Frontiers in Nicaragua

Revitalizing a Shuar Church in Ecuador

Preaching the Gospel at the Devil's Nose Ecuador  PDF

Personal Evangelism in the Banana Capital of the World   PDF

 Quichua Pastor's Conference on Sound Doctrine   PDF

Abide in Christ Baptist Church Esteli, Nicaragua

Annual Quichua Pastors Leadership Conference Riobamba, Ecuador    PDF

Roger Reimer's Impressionable Moments at Pastors Leadership Conference

A Fruitful Harvest by Abide in Christ Evangelism Team in Nicaragua   PDF

Continuing Theological Education in Ecuador     PDF

Divine Encounter in Guayaquil

Study to Show Your Self Approved of God in Ecuador  PDF

Seminary Extension in Guaranda, Ecuador    PDF

Workmen Approved of God     PDF 

Quichua Pastors and Wives'Conference 2012    PDF

Teaching Evangelism by Doing It   PDF

Miskito People Evangelism Training in Nicaragua PDF

Where Would You Begin?   PDF

Power of God to Salvation of Quechuas   PDF

Key Word Studies Doctrine Conference in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Hunger for God's Word in Ecuador 

UPDATE Sowing and Reaping in Nicaragua   PDF 

Dr. John Howell's Evangelism Team Report on Ecuador  PDF

Pastor's Conference with the Quechuas in Riobamba, Ecuador August 2011    PDF 

Quechua churches in Riobamba, Gatazo, and Jipijapa, Ecuador in  June, 2011    PDF

Born to Multiply in Santo Domingo, Gataso, San Bardardo, and Guayaquil, Ecuador    PDF 
Evangelism Workshops in Wiwili, San Juan de Rio Coca, and San Raphael de Norte    PDF 

Ministry to Quechuas    PDF

Construction of new Baptist Mission Ocotal, Nicaragua    PDF 

Construction completed in Danli & Zapotillo - Evangelism Training in Teupasente

Powerful Personal Witness for Christ Over 500 Personal Decisions

Evangelism Workshops in Chachapoyas Peru

Evangelism Training in Nicaragua 2010

Las Crusitas Bible Institute in Honduras and the city of Talanga

Evangelism  Workshops four cities in Nicaragua

Evangelism Team in Lepaterique, Honduras

Evangelism Workshops with Nicaraguan Baptist pastors in Ocotal

Evangelism Team Witnessing in Danli and Zapotillo

 Evangelism and Construction Team Danli & Zapotillo January 2009

Evangelism Team in Palacaguina, Nicargua

Door-to-Door Evangelism Team at Las Acacias report by Dr. John Howell

Church that Meets in Pablo's House

Two New Missions Completed in Honduras

God at Work in Two New Mission Starts in Honduras

Evangelism Conference in Nicaragua

Gospel Outreach in
Regions Beyond

Medical Dental Evangelism and Church Growth

Graduation of Students
New Mission Churches

Preach the Gospel in Season
and Out

Mission Outreach in Danli, Honduras

Biblical Preaching & Teaching Course - Follow-up on Zapotillo

Baptist Mission Started in Zapotillo, Honduras

God in a
Cigar Factory!

Children's Bible Classes in Danli, Honduras

Baptism of new believers in Danli, Honduras

Bible Institute Courses by Extension

Juan Alberto Herrera's Testimony

First Bible Institute Course taught at Danli January 2005

Seminary Extension Courses in Managua, Nicaragua



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Christian Missionaries and Missionary Christians
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"We never test the resources of God until we attempt the impossible"
-- F. B. Meyer


"We must do something!

Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!" -- William Carey,
father of the modern missionary movement.


"Anything God has ever done He can do now. Anything He has ever done anywhere, He can do here! Anything God has ever done for anyone He can do for us" - A. W. Tozer

Non-profit faith based Short-term Volunteer Mission Projects designed with a clear focus on church planting in rural areas of the world.


I Saw God Do It!
Wil & Ann Pounds


  • January 1, 2009 - Pray for three construction and evangelism teams working in Honduras, January 22- February 17, 2009. A worship center will be built in Danli, and a pastor's home in Zapotillo. Evangelism teams will do children's Bible classes and door to door evangelism in Las Acacias and Zapotillo. Please pray for these teams and the Lord's provision.
  • September 21, 2008 - Pray for Evangelism Teams, VBS and construction team for February 2009 in Honduras.  Also pray for an evangelism team for Lepaterique for the summer of 2009.
  • September 19, 2008 - Report from Dr. John Howell on Evangelism in Depth team in Honduras.  Door-to-Door Evangelism Team at Las Acacias report by Dr. John Howell Also report from Evangelism Team in Palacaguina, Nicaragua

  • July 27, 2008 - Pray for Evangelism in Depth workshops planned for Nicaragua August 23-31 and September 1-6 in Honduras. A team from Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Conway, AR will be working with Wil in Honduras.

  • July 1, 2008 - Pray for the Church that Meets in Pablo's House in Lepaterique, Honduras. Every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 a group meets for worship service and Bible study. Thirty pastors and church leaders attended the Evangelism Workshop in June.

  • May 28, 2008 - Pray for Evangelism Workshop and evangelistic campaign in Honduras May 30-June 7, 2008. Also, a church construction project is planned for February 2009 in Danli, Honduras for Alpha and Omega Baptist Church. This will include construction, VBS and evangelistic meetings.

  • March 30, 2008 - Pray for Evangelism Workshops planned for Nicaragua in August and in Honduras in June and September.

  • February 9, 2008 - Work completed on two mission churches in Zapotillo and Las Acacias subdivision in Danli, Honduras. The Zapotillo Baptist Mission building in Zapotillo was dedicated on Monday, February 4th. The Las Acacias Baptist Mission building was dedicated on Thursday, February 7th. We praise the Lord for the provision of funds for the completion of these buildings.  Two Mission Churches Completed

  • January 1, 2008 - Please pray daily for six weeks of ministry in Honduras. The foundations for the two mission churches have been finished. January 1st the walls will be constructed for the Zapotillo Baptist Mission. January 7th the Las Acacias Baptist Mission will be constructed. January 13th the Medical-Dental-Evangelism team will begin ministering in Zapotillo. January 19-24 seminary extension students will work at follow-up and discipleship in Zapotillo. Wil will teach an Evangelism Workshop in Ocotal, Nicaragua and January 19-24 the Lake Village Baptist Church team will construct the roofs for the two missions.

  • Praise the Lord for His provision of funds to build two Baptist mission churches in Honduras. We need two construction teams to lay cinder blocks for January 1, 2008. A second team will build metal trusses and metal roofs on the churches the last week of January. A medical dental evangelism team from First Baptist Church, McGehee, AR will work in Zapotillo, January 12-19, 2008. Pray for wisdom and guidance for these teams. God at Work in Two New Mission Starts in Honduras

  • At the request of pastors and church leaders in Nicaragua we will begin courses in September. Please pray for wisdom as Wil prepares a special three day workshop on personal evangelism for these pastors. It is being developed with the idea that these pastors will be able to take the workbook and teach in their churches. He is also preparing part two of the course on the Gospel of John for pastors in Honduras. Pray for funds to print these courses and workbooks for students. We provide these free of charge to rural pastors and church leaders. Our goal is to provide the evangelism workbooks free of charge to all students in these rural churches where the pastors return to teach. Evangelism Workshops in Honduras and Nicaragua

  • May 24 - June 2 Wil taught two courses to pastors and church leaders in Danli, Honduras. The new course on part one of the Gospel of John was well received. Pastors from Choluteca, San Pedro de Sula and Danli also studied personal evangelism. Gospel in Regions Beyond.

  • January 1, 2007 - Pray for Juan Alberto and Wil as they work with the Southeast Arkansas Medical Dental Evangelism team in northern Honduras January 13-18. Juan will provide music for evangelism outreach and Will will be preaching and translating for pastors from the U.S. The following week Wil and Alberto will be teaching the Letters of John to pastors and church leaders in Danli, Honduras.  Medical Dental Evangelism and Church Growth

  • At the December board meeting of Abide in Christ we provided funds to purchase two pieces of property to build worship buildings for two missions of Alpha and Omega Baptist Church. After two years of persecution and the murder of two men the Lord has reopened another preaching location in a small village. A couple of deacons will be conducting weekly Bible studies there. In January I will teach an intensive course on the Letters of the Apostle John. This will be the beginning of an advanced series of courses on books of the Bible for pastors and church leaders.

  • November 20, 2006 - Wil taught a course on the doctrine of the Church and introduced another course on Church History beginning with Acts. The students will spend the next two months studying these text books and completing assigned tasks. We had a beautiful graduation service for those who have completed the ten courses for Pastors and Church Leadership. Graduation of Students New Mission Churches

  • October 1, 2006 - Please pray for our for classes scheduled for November 2-18. Pray for anointing of the Lord, wisdom and guidance as Wil teaches two courses on Church Ministry Administration and Education and a course on Survey of Church History. Also, pray for the Lord's guidance in preparations for new evangelism saturation ministries in Nicaragua and Honduras.

  • July 1-7, 2006 - I cease to be amazed at how much ministry God can pack into one week. The course on Bible Doctrine for pastors and church leaders focused on the Trinity and salvation. God opened door to preach to 225 workers in a tobacco field in Trojes, Honduras. We distributed New Testaments and we baptized new believers. Preach the Gospel in Season and Out and Mission Outreach in Danli, Honduras.

  • June 1, 2006 - Please pray for wisdom as we seek God's direction for 2007. June 29-July 7, 2006 Wil returns to Honduras to teach the course on Bible Doctrine. The students will then continue studying the text book and working in groups until the first week in September when he will teach the next course. After the courses in September and November we will have graduation for those who will have completed the 10 course in this cycle. Gabe Churchwell will also work with us to distribute New Testaments and share the plan of salvation with over 100 agricultural workers in Trojes.

  • Praise the Lord for excellent ministry to students in the course on "Personal Spiritual Life and Pastoral Ministry" taught on April 1-7, 2006. The timing of the course was perfect for needs in a rural church without leadership that meets 7 hours away from Danli. A student will return with timely and Bible centered content for the rural mountain village church where he is a member. Also, some of our students and a deacon at Alpha and Omega Baptist Church have started a new mission in a large new subdivision in Danli, Honduras. Please pray for Blanca, Santos, Juan Alberto and other believers as they conduct Bible studies in home and preach in open air meetings and show gospel films.

  • March 30, 2006 - Please pray for Wil's classes on the "Personal Spiritual Life and Pastoral Ministry" for rural pastors and church leaders in Danli, Honduras, April 1-7, 2006. We praise the Lord for his provisions for this trip. Pray for wisdom, guidance, leading of the Holy Spirit this week. Pray for students.

  • We need small construction and evangelism team to work with us in rural towns and villages in Latin America.

We will provide all logistics for the team, purchase of tickets, exit permits, professional documents, etc. Each person joining the team will be responsible for securing his own funds to cover air travel, room and board, and any personal expenses.

If you sense the Lord would have you be a part of any of these opportunities to serve please feel free to contact us at the link below. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Wil & Ann


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