Key Word Studies on Bible Doctrines & Christian Teaching

Biblical teachings for personal Bible study, daily devotions and sermon preparation with abiding principles and practical applications. Here is a dictionary of the rich terms used in the Christian vocabulary.

Why study a vocabulary on Biblical Christianity?
R. C. Trench said, "The words of the New Testament are eminently the rudiments or elements of Christian theology, and he who will not begin with a patient study of those, shall never make any considerable, least of all any secure, advances in this: for here, as everywhere else, sure disappointment awaits him who thinks to possess the whole without first possessing the parts of which that whole is composed."

Abide The believer has entered into a vital union with God through Jesus Christ.

Access  Believers have access to God the Father through the Holy Spirit because of the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Adoption is the act of God the Father placing the believing sinner into His family.

Angels are God's messengers who are sent out to serve and worship Him. 

Baptism by the Holy Spirit places all believers at the moment of their conversion into the mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

Conformed to the Image of the Son of God God's eternal purpose for the believer.

Death Sin pays eternal wages. God offers the free gift of eternal life.

Death and Heaven  What happens after you die?

Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ Why do Christians believe Jesus Christ is God?

Election teaches us the whole world is hopelessly lost in sin and cannot save itself by human means. No one will ever be saved apart from redeeming grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Eternal Life is the quality of life a believer in Jesus Christ experiences when God rules his life. It begins with spiritual regeneration and continues throughout eternity.

Eternal Purpose God acts according to His own good pleasure. He "works all things according to the counsel of His will." There are things God determined and ordained before He created the world and man. How do you fit into His eternal plan?

Eternal Security Can the Christian know with assurance that he has eternal life?

Fellowship with God  What must we do to abide in Christ moment by moment throughout the day? How is it possible for us to dwell in the presence of the Most High?

Forgiveness deals primarily with God restoring the relationship between Himself and the sinner who believes on Jesus Christ.

Glory of Believers is the full realization of our salvation in a perfect, incontestable standing before God.

Grace is the free, divine, unmerited favor of God bestowed upon sinful and undeserving man.

Hope patiently, actively, and with assurance anticipates the future promised benefits.

Imputation is the application of the righteousness of Jesus Christ to the believing sinner. The righteousness of Christ is "credited" to the believer's account.

Jesus is the name above every name. Why is He the greatest person who ever lived?

Justification Justification is God's merciful act whereby He declares righteous the believing sinner while he is still in his sinning state.

Messiah  Jesus Christ is in the fullest sense of the word the Anointed One of Yahweh.

Position in Christ  We have a standing before God that never changes, regardless of the circumstances. It is from this position that we live the Christian life.

Predestined  God has an eternal purpose for every believer in Jesus Christ.

Propitiation is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that satisfies the just demands of God on the believing sinner and turns away the wrath of God.

Ransom, Redeem, Redeemer, Redemption tells the Christian that he has been “set free by paying a price.” How much did it cost to redeem you?

Regeneration, born again, born anew  is a miracle of God by which the principle of new spiritual life is implanted in man and the governing disposition of his soul is made holy.

Sacrificial Death of Jesus Christ is the basis of salvation of the sinner.

Salvation, Saved, Deliverance is the central event of man's experience with God and includes all the blessings bestowed  by God on men in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit indwelling and directing the believer with the goal of eliminating all sin and the conformation to the image of the Son of God. All seven studies on Sanctification in one PDF file.

Meaning and Need of Sanctification

Distinctions of Sanctification  from other Doctrines

Agent and Means of Sanctification

Positional Sanctification

Progressive Sanctification

Perfect Sanctification

Principles of Sanctification

Satan is the great Adversary and accuser of the brethren. He is a created spirit who rebelled against God and is opposed to Him. His main tool is deception.

Son of Man was the title Jesus used when He made many of His greatest and most divine statements and claims. It was precisely in terms of Son of Man that Jesus made many of His most superhuman claims and statements.

Substitutionanry Sacrifice Christ "gave Himself for us" means that He became our substitute and died in our stead on the cross. 

Vital Union with Christ  "I in you, and you in Me" is a dynamic living relationship with Jesus Christ.


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