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“Expect great things from God!
Attempt great thing for God!”
- William Carey

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 6th Annual
Abide in Christ
Peniel Theological Seminary
Leadership Conference
Riobamba, Ecuador

Abide in Christ 6th Annual Pastor Leadershiipo Conference 

Peniel Theological Seminary Quichua Leadership Conference in Riobamba, Ecuador


"Sing to the LORD a new song;
Sing to the LORD, all the earth.
Sing to the LORD, bless His name;
Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.
Tell of His glory among the nations,
His wonderful deeds among all the peoples" (Psalm 96:1-3).

Chema and Carmen Reinosos, and Nixon Celestin joined Wil Pounds for the 6th Annual Pastor Leadership Conference at Peniel Theological Seminary, August 1-4, 2016. This leadership conference is presented by Abide in Christ each year as a pastor continuing education ministry.

This year Chema Reinosos of InTouch Ministries, the Charles Stanley Spanish radio and TV programs, challenged pastors and leaders to stand fast on their commitment to solid biblical preaching.


Chema Reinosos guest speaker at Peniel Theological Seminary


Chema presenting an InTouch tablet with Bible commentaries, dictionaries, resources etc. to Alberto Copa, Rector of Peniel Theological Seminary.

Chema spoke on how to keep youth involved in the ministry, ten characteristics of a spiritually healthy church, the gospel ministry in our culture, Joseph a model of faith in God, the leadership style of the apostle Paul, and how we can guard our tongue from James and Proverbs. Carmen Reinosos encouraged the pastor's wives and their cministry in the home and church. This was her third Abide in Christ conference in Ecuador at Peniel Seminary.

InTouch has donated  tablets for those who graduate from Peniel. We are grateful to Chema and Carmen, Dr. Stanley and staff for these valuable resources for our students.

Seminary studetns choir at Peniel Theological Seminary

There are a number of groups singing at the conference each year.

Nixon Celestin is a Baptist pastor from Haiti pastoring a church in the capital city of Quito. He challenged pastors to be faithful to biblical convictions regarding their personal lives and how to stand strong on biblical convictions.

Pastor conference speaker at 6th Annual Pasotr Leadrship Conference at Peniel Seminary
Nixon Celestin speaking at one of his break-out sessions.


Peniel seminary continuing education in Ecuador
Participants at the 6th Leadership Conference receiving their continuing education certificates from Peniel Seminary.


Abide in Christ provides continuing education for Quichua pastors and church leaders through cooperative projects with Peniel Seminary.

Wil gave six messages on the Christian's armor from Ephesians 6:10-20. He also gave the sermon at the Peniel Seminary graduation in Riobamba on Wednesday night, and participated in the graduation at the seminary extension in Pallatanga. 

Graduation at Pallatanga, Ecuador Peniel Theological Seminary extension.
Recent graduates at the Peniel Theological Seminary extension in Pallatanga.


Graduation at Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador.
Wil speaking at the Peniel Seminary graduation in Riobamba, Ecuador.


Graduation at Pallatanga extension Peniel Theological Seminary.
A graduate in Pallatanga receiving his diploma from Wil in graduation ceremony.


Christian education graduate at Peniel seminary Riobamba, Ecuador

Wil pictured with Maria, a recent graduate with a degree in Christian education.  She has a ministry with women in a large Quichua church, and has a regular radio program that features professional Christian women in Riobamba.

The second week Wil spoke at the Genesis Quichua Bilingual Church on the armor of God. He also taught evangelism training at La Luz del Mundo Cacha Obraje, a Quichua evangelical church in the community of Cacha Obraje. This is one of the most doctrinally mature and sound churches where he has been training church leadership. He received an excellence response from the church, and will be returning to teach on biblical doctrine.


Abide in Christ evangelism training in Quichua churches.

Abide in Christ evangelism in depth workshop at Cacha Obraje.

in the last 6 months the Lord God has provided $70,000 for the property for Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba! It has been exciting to watch the seminary leadership grow in faith as they have watched God provide.

There are no evangelical churches in the section of the city of Riobamba where the property is located. One of the goals of the seminary is to immediately start a mission outreach in this area, and to use the main building of the seminary as a worship center and seminary class rooms on the second floor. Please pray for wisdom and direction on how to best use the property for present and future growth of the seminary.


Future campus for Peniel Theological Semianary in Riobamba, Ecuador

New property on which to build a home for Peniel Theological Seminary.

Abide in Christ will take evangelism and dental-evangelism teams to Ecuador during 2017 to work with Peniel students and staff in planting a church in this new location.

In October 2016 Abide will work closely with Peniel in three new Quichua communities in Chimborazo Province of Ecuador. Please pray for Alejandro Guacho as he works with seminary students in this new gospel outreach.

Alejandro has a passion to start new missions in unreached areas of Ecuador. He regularly goes to Chivias and Sucua to follow-up on dental evangelism trips where Abide in Christ teams went during the past year.
Quichua pastorand evangelist in Ecuador

Alejandro and Ramona faithfully serve Christ in new mission projects sponsored by Abide in Christ.

Alejandro follows-up on the Abide in Christ ministry in Shuar communities in Ecuador.

Abide in Christ ministry to the Shuar in Ecuador.
Alejandro with Shuar children at a new Bible teaching ministry.


Abide in Christ Chivias Ecuador mission project
Peniel Theological Seminary professor Damaso working with Abide in Christ dental-evangelism ministry in Chivias.

Please pray daily for the mission opportunities the Lord has given to Abide in Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


what you can do

Partnership missions give you an opportunity to become personally involved in what God is doing in world missions.


Pray daily for the work in Honduras.


Give financially.  We are a faith mission and are dependent upon your financial gifts. Please pray about becoming involved in the support of our mission. "As long as the Lord provides I will give ___ $25 ___ $50 ___ $100 or $___ a month to Abide in Christ ministry."

Current Needs:

Pray for wisdom for evangelism and doctrine training for pastors in a future Bible conference.


Pastor and Church Leadership Training Ministry in Ecuador.  Each trip costs approximately $4,000 and covers airplane tickets, room and board, rent for truck, gas, local workers, textbooks and food for students.

     Pray for evangelism saturation teams to do door-to-door evangelism and rallies at night.

     Pray for scholarships for Peniel Seminary students in Riobamba, Ecuador.

     Pray for Evangelism Workshops with Honduran Baptist pastors in Tegucigalpa and Danli.

     Pray for wisdom to know where the Lord is leading to conduct evangelism workshops, and where to focus teaching ministry. We have been asked to return every three months and teach Ecuador pastors.

     We are presenting one-day, three-day weekend, and one week Evangelism Workshops for pastors and church leaders in churches in Latin America. 

     Pray for Alberto & Nancy Copa

Alberto Copa Director of Peniel Theological Seminary Riobamba Ecuador

Alberto Copa with his wife Nancy

Alberto is a pastor and leader in the Quechua Evangelical Churches in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador. He is Director of the Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador. He has over 20 years' experience pastoring bilingual churches in Ecuador. He and his wife are both graduates of an evangelical seminary in Bolivia.

Alberto recenlty recived Merit award for outstanding community service in Chimborazo Province.

q     All gifts to Abide in Christ are tax deductible under IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.

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