"That we may present every person complete in Christ."

"Expect great things from God! 
Attempt great things for God!
--- William Carey




The Goal of Christ-centered Ministries



"We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ (Colossians 1:29).  

Dedication of second seminary extension in Pallatanga, Ecuador
Above photo of dedication of the second Peniel Theological Seminary extension in Pallatanga, Ecuador.  Seven churches came together for this time of fellowship and worship.

I never cease to wonder at the privilege and opportunities the Lord has given me to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The amazing thing is that He keeps opening up these new ministries in strategic areas. Often, it is with an astonishing surprise!


I am so grateful for God's continued faithfulness as we press forward in our 58th year of ministry:

1. I just returned from teaching two seminary courses for Peniel Theological Seminary in Pintag and Yaroqui, Ecuador. These were fourth year students. A medical doctor asked me a few days ago if it was worth it. I said, "Yes. I see maturity and spiritual growth in these students compared to three years ago." They are growing in Christ, and I am involved in something that will still be worthwhile a million years from now. 
Seminry extension students in Pintag, Ecuador.
Our Pintag students working on final exam.

2. In January seven Quichua churches in Pallatanga, Ecuador, came together to inaguarate the second seminary extension in their province. Last July we celebrated the graduation of the first extension. Alberto Copa and I spoke at the inaguation on the importance of a good Bible education for pastors and leaders.
Pallatanga seminary extension dedication.
Ribbon cuting by Alberto Copa at the dedication service for the second seminary extension in Pallatanga, Ecuador.

3. I preached and conducted the Lord's Supper at Genesis Bilingual Evangelical Church, and then preached for special services at Nueva Amanecer Quichua Church.

Deacon retreat at evangelical church in Riobamba.

4. Pray for our Medical Evangelism Team going back to minister in the Andean communities March 24-30, 2018. I will go down the week before and teach an intensive seminary course at Pintag on Paul's letter to 1 Corinthians.

Saturday students in one of the classes at Peniel Seminary.

5. We need door to door evangelism teams to begin outreach in the subdivision where the Peniel Theological Seminary property is located. Seminary students will also be required to do personal evangelism in this location as a prerequisite for graduation.
 Seminary extension students at Yaruqui, Ecuador.
Students at the Yaruqui, Ecuador, extension of Peniel Theological Seminary.

6. Our 8th Annual Abide in Christ Peniel Theological Seminary Pastor Leadership Conference will meet under a large tent on the seminary property and will focus on church planting. These evangelistic campaigns will give opportunities to share God’s love with those who have never heard the Gospel. It will identify the seminary property with the local evangelistic outreach.
Abide in Christ personal evangelism training at the seminary and in churches.
Abide in Christ teaches personal evangelism at Peniel Theological Seminary and in local churches.

Please pray for Abide in Christ and these incredible opportunities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  Abide in Christ ministries are made possible by the generous support of friends like you!

 Quichua mother and student at Peniel Seminary in Pintag, Ecuador.

A mother in one of our class in Pintag. These students provide leadership for women and youth ministries in Quichua churches.

Sleeping in class or at the break?

The churches in Pallatanga rented a warehouse large enough to accomodate the dedication worship service.


  • * Praise the Lord! Property for the Riobamba campus has been paid in full.


  • * Pray for wisdom for building design, God's provision of funds, and volunteer construction work teams.


  • * Pray for evangelism teams to go door to door witnessing in this unreached area of Riobamba. Our goal is to plant a new church, and use the seminary building for worship services.


  • * Pray for Alejandro as he leads this ministry.


  • * Pray for our 8th Annual Abide in Christ Pastor Leadership Conference at Peniel Theological Seminary July 30-August 2.  Theme this year is evangelism, discipleship and church planting.


  • * Pray for Evangelism in Depth, and Key Bible Doctrines Conference at Hebron Baptist Church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, November 2018.


  • * We need small construction and evangelism team to work with us in rural towns and villages in Latin America

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