"That we may present every person complete in Christ."

"Expect great things from God! 
Attempt great things for God!
--- William Carey




Evangelism in Hard Places


Abide in Christ evangelism medical dental team.

Pictured above is the October 2017 Abide in Christ Evangelistic Health Ministry Team sharing Christ in three difficult locations high in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. Team members included Dr. John Howell, Jane and Lee Goudelock, Billy Windham, Bill Clemens, Don Dumas, Wil Pounds, and outstanding Ecuadorian colleagues.


"Pray for us that the word of the Lord may spread rapidly and be glorified, just as it did also with you" (2 Thessalonians 3:1).

Abide in Cchrist Evangelistic Health Misistry Team in Ecuador.
Dr. John Howell attending to the needs of a patient.

Abide in Christ team members have an effective Gospel ministry in difficult, even hostile places, by using medicine as a means of opening doors to present the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our medical-dental-evangelism team just returned from Alao, Anita, and Pataño, Ecuador.

Persecution broke out in the community of Alao immediately after the March team ministered there. We have had three evangelistic health ministry teams share the Gospel in this community.

Alejandro Guacho and Peniel Theological Seminary students continue to follow-up on the presentation of the Gospel in this beautiful community nestled high in the Andes. 

Pastoral care is important in Abide in Christ medical dental ministries.
Alejandro ministering to a patient in her home.

Pantaño is a new location a few miles from the city of Riobamba. There was a good response to the gospel including a community leader who opened his home to meet for worship and Bible study.

Medical dental mission teams with a focus on making a difference.
Don Dumas sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with patients.

In these three towns and villages
* we saw 430 medical patients

* 62 dental patients with 76 extractions

* 198 reading glasses

* 266 sun glasses

* 131 people prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.

* We gave out over 500 New Testaments and a large number of colorful children's booklets on the life of Christ.

One of the individuals I enjoyed sharing Christ with was Antonio. He had lived sometime in the U.S., and had recently returned to Ecuador. In our discussion I discovered that he had listened to HCJB, The Voice of the Andes as a child. He remembered the Gospel message over this missionary radio station in the capital city of Quito. As I shared Christ with him, we saw the marvelous power of God turning him from his hostile bitterness to the joy of saving faith in the death and resurrection of Christ.

There is nogreater joy than sharing Jesus Christ with a new friend.
Wil with a new believer in Jesus Christ.

A new addition to our team is Dr. Evelyn Muñoz, an Ecuadorian medical doctor. She and her sister both graduated from medical school on the same day. Evelyn is a very charming person with a love for the people of Ecuador. She and Billy Windham make an outstanding medical team.

Abide in Christ medical dental mission team in Ecuador.
Dr. Evelyn Muños with a patient in our medical dental clinic.

Abide in Christ evangelistic health ministries with a passion to share Jesus Christ.
Billy Windham with a young patient.

Reading glasses for patients in evangelistic health ministry in Ecuador.
Picture above is Lee Goudelock measuring eye glasses.

Abide in Christ does not charge for medicines or medical services.
Rosio helping Jane pack medicines for the patients.

Abide in Christ provides all medical and dental services and medicines free of charge as a ministry to the patients.

Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador

It has been a great joy seeing how God is using Peniel Seminary since its beginning with 13 students in 2010. The current enrollment is almost 200.The Lord is using these dedicated professors who donate their time and gifts to train men and women to serve Quichua churches and ministries in Ecuador. There are no paid employees at Peniel Seminary.  

The property has been paid for and plans have already been approved by the city of Riobamba for the first building. $10,000 is currently needed to begin the construction.

We anticipate the Quichua churches will assist in the construction of buildings. I am praying that mission minded churches in the U. S. will also help us with construction teams.

Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador
Board of Directors and Professors's Retreat at Peniel Theological Seminary.

At the four day Peniel retreat, Wil gave three presentations on seeking God's vision for Peniel over the next 25 years. The Peniel Board of Directors and seminary professors worked together in groups praying over 10, 5 and 3 year goals for the seminary. Wil concluded the conference with a message on the man God uses from Second Timothy and how Peniel can fulfil its calling as a strong Bible focused, Christ-centered seminary.

Abide in Christ and and Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador, partner in evangelism and discipleship projects throughout the year. Wil serves as International Coordinator and Professor of Bible at Peniel. This is a non-salary position. We thank the Lord for the privilege to serve the Quichua evangelical churches through this ministry.

Abide medical team report to Peniel Seminary students in Riobamba, Ecuador.

Above the Evangelism Medical Dental Team giving their report to the Saturday students at Peniel Seminary.


One of the beautiful testimonies in the community of Pataño was a woman who had surgery for cancer last year. As she heard the Gospel presented to her by Dr. Howell she placed her faith in Christ and was saved. All during the week we saw people coming to Christ. Please continue to pray as the Peniel team follows-up on these decisions.

First evangelical believers in a rural community in Ecuador.
Wil and Billy made a home visit to an elderly couple who were the first evangelical believers in their community many years ago.

Jefferson eaching children Bible stories.
Jefferson teaching children the plan of salvation using the salvation bracelet.



1.  Pray for Alejandro Guacho and Peniel Seminary students following-up on the medical team. Alejandro is the Director of the new Evangelism and Missions Department at the seminary.

2. Pray for courses Wil will be teaching at Peniel, and Evangelism in Depth conferences in Quichua churches in 2018.

4. Pray for evangelism outreach in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, at Hebron Baptist Church in November 2018. Door-to-door evangelism team is being planned,

5. Pray for Eighth Annual Abide in Christ Pastors' Conference at Peniel Seminary in Riobamba in August.

6. Pray for March 2018 Abide in Christ Evangelistic Health Ministry Team.

Wil and daughter Jane enjoying a relaxing break with the Ecuadorian translators.

Don sharing the plan of salvation with patients.
Don and his translator Jefferson sharing Jesus Christ with a patient.

Everyone enjoyed loving on this beautiful Quichua child.

Billy enjoying time with a healthy patient.

John inspecting the roof on a construction project.

Don that ladder is beginning to sag in the middle! 

No greater joy than sharing Christ with students.
Dr. Howell enjoying a relaxing time sharing Christ with students outside a classroom.

Abide in Christ ministries at Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador.
Saturday students at Peniel Theological Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador enjoying medical team report.

  • We need small construction and evangelism team to work with us in construction of buildings for Peniel Seminary.

If you sense the Lord would have you be a part of any of these opportunities to serve please feel free to contact us at the link below. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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