"That we may present every person complete in Christ."

"Expect great things from God! 
Attempt great things for God!
--- William Carey



Available to be Used of God


"I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you and open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name" (Revelation 3:8).

Abide in Christ evangelism teams witnessing in Ecuador.

Above photo Dr. John Howell sharing Christ with individuals in Pifo, Ecuador.     

Over and over again the theme of this week of medical dental evangelism was make yourself available to God, and let Him work in and through you to accomplish His eternal purpose.

Sometimes circumstances are out of our control. The week started off with political protests by indigenious groups against the Ecuadorian government. Tires, trees, and construction debre were burned on the interstate highways and streets, especially around the capital city of Quito. After several days of negotiations an agreement was reached with the President of Ecuador on Sunday afternoon.

Therefore, our Ecuadorian team members could not travel the four hour trip from Riobamba to Quito until Monday morning. Because roads were blocked, on Sunday our team gave personal witness on a street in the town of Pifo where we were staying. Several individuals put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. We attended a special called worship service to pray for the President and negotiations with the protestors. We were also blessed by a Venezuelan refugee family who are members of the church.

Abide in Christ evangelism team praying with a new believer in Jesus Christ.
Don Dumas and Billy Windom praying with a man who just received Christ as his Savior.
Christian refugees serving Christ in an evangelical church in Ecuador.
Christian refugees serving Christ in an evangelical Church in Ecuador.

We had three excellent days of ministry in four centrally located communities near Yaruquí where a Peniel Seminary extension is located. As in Acts 16, the Lord closed two doors and opened others for this team. We made ourselves available to Him, and He put us in the right place, at the right time where He wanted us to witness for His glory.

Abide in Christ medical dental evangelism ministry.

Above is Billy Windham with a patient.

October 14-16, 2019, we saw 340 medical patients, 131 dental patients with 44 extractions, and fitted 161 reading glasses. We gave out nearly 400 New Testaments. We also had the privilege of seeing 210 individuals place their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The Abide in Christ October 2019 medical dental evangelism team, including 8 Ecuadorian team members.
Abide in Christ medical dental evangelism in Ecuador.

Reading glases for Abide in Christ medical dental patients.

Linda Dickerson and Robin Hicks with their translator fitting reading glasses with a patient.

Medical Dental ministry of Abide in Christ
Above four dentist examining a patient! We greatly appreciate the commitment of our missionary dentists who serve Christ. Our Eduadorian dentist, Brian faithfully serves on each team. He is highly regarded by our dentists as patient, caring, professional.

Our highly skilled patient professional Ecuadorian dentist with a child.

Every team member is vital to our ministry. Bill Clements provides a unique and critical help for our dentists. 

Jane Howell serves as a nurse and children's Bible teacher. She and Nancy Copa enjoy the presence of a small baby.

Personal witnessing with patients.
Don and two of our dentists, Bill Alfonso and Pete Ritchie sharing Christ with a patient.

Don and Bill presenting Christ with patients.

Personal witnesses to the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ is essential.
Dr. Ritchie sharing Christ with individuals waiting to see the doctors and dentists.

Dr. Alsonso with a medical patient.

Ecuadorian medical doctor attending to a patient.

Dr. Ritchie attending to the needs of a dental patient.

Don is a pharmacist who loves to tell people about God's saving grace through Jesus' death and resurrection.

Abide in Christ personal witnessing on street in Ecuador.
Wil and Don sharing Christ with man on the street in Pifo.


I would rather to have dreamed big, and failed than to sit and do nothing.

What would you do for Christ if you knew you could not fail?


ü Praise the Lord! Property for the Riobamba campus has been paid in full.

ü Pray for wisdom for building design, God's provision of funds, and volunteer construction work teams.

ü Pray for evangelism teams to go door to door witnessing in this unreached area of Riobamba. Our goal is to plant a new church and use the seminary building for worship services. Pray for Alejandro as he leads this ministry.

ü 10th Annual Abide in Christ Pastor Leadership Conference at Peniel Theological Seminary July 30-August 2 with Wil and Ann Pounds. This will also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the seminary since its founding.  

ü Pray for Alejandro Guacho, Damaso Francisco and Peniel Seminary students who are following-up on the medical evangelism teams, and are encountering intense persecution by the catholic priest in some locations.

ü Personal Evangelism in Depth conferences in Quichua churches.

ü Wisdom for Wil and Ann Pounds, Dr. John Howell, and board as we seek the Lord's direction for future ministries of Abide in Christ.

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