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"Expect great things from God!
Attempt great things for God!

Abide in Christ is a faith ministry dependent upon the Lord and Bible believing Christians to provide free of charge Bible teaching ministries to build up His church and to reach unbelievers for Jesus Christ.  Mission Statement 

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Pastor's Conference with the Quechuas in Riobamba, Ecuador August 2011    PDF 

Quechua churches in Riobamba, Gatazo, and Jipijapa, Ecuador in  June, 2011    PDF

Born to Multiply in Santo Domingo, Gataso, San Bardardo, and Guayaquil, Ecuador    PDF 
Evangelism Workshops in Wiwili, San Juan de Rio Coca, and San Raphael de Norte    PDF 

Ministry to Quechuas    PDF

Construction of new Baptist Mission Ocotal, Nicaragua    PDF 

Construction completed in Danli & Zapotillo - Evangelism Training in Teupasente

Powerful Personal Witness for Christ Over 500 Personal Decisions

Evangelism Workshops in Chachapoyas Peru

Evangelism Training in Nicaragua 2010

Las Crusitas Bible Institute in Honduras and the city of Talanga

Evangelism  Workshops four cities in Nicaragua

Evangelism Team in Lepaterique, Honduras

Evangelism Workshops with Nicaraguan Baptist pastors in Ocotal

Evangelism Team Witnessing in Danli and Zapotillo

 Evangelism and Construction Team Danli & Zapotillo January 2009

Evangelism Team in Palacaguina, Nicargua

Door-to-Door Evangelism Team at Las Acacias report by Dr. John Howell

Church that Meets in Pablo's House

Two New Missions Completed in Honduras

God at Work in Two New Mission Starts in Honduras

Evangelism Conference in Nicaragua

Gospel Outreach in
Regions Beyond

Medical Dental Evangelism and Church Growth

Graduation of Students
New Mission Churches

Preach the Gospel in Season
and Out

Mission Outreach in Danli, Honduras

Biblical Preaching & Teaching Course - Follow-up on Zapotillo

Baptist Mission Started in Zapotillo, Honduras

God in a
Cigar Factory!

Children's Bible Classes in Danli, Honduras

Baptism of new believers in Danli, Honduras

Bible Institute Courses by Extension

Juan Alberto Herrera's Testimony

First Bible Institute Course taught at Danli January 2005

Seminary Extension Courses in Managua, Nicaragua




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San Lucia

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El Playon de Paz

Report by Rex Henderson

Christian Missionaries and Missionary Christians
by Tom Ascol


"We never test the resources of God until we attempt the impossible"
-- F. B. Meyer


"We must do something!

Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!" -- William Carey,
father of the modern missionary movement.


"Anything God has ever done He can do now. Anything He has ever done anywhere, He can do here! Anything God has ever done for anyone He can do for us" - A. W. Tozer

Non-profit faith based Short-term Volunteer Mission Projects designed with a clear focus on church planting in rural areas of the world.

I Saw God Do It!
Wil & Ann Pounds

Miskito People in Nicaragua

New believers making public their decision to follow Christ in Uhuri, Nicaragua.  

"We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were entreating through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God" (2 Corinthians 5:20).

Miskito Indians of Nicaragua live along the north-east coast Atlantic seaboard. Between 150,000-200,000 live in Honduras and Nicaragua. The Rio Coca separates the two countries and the Miskito populate the area in both countries. Wycliffe Bible Translators (SIL) translated the Bible in the 1970's.

Miskito women taking wash to river.

Baptists have 35 organized churches and about 30 missions and preaching points.

Typical Miskito house.
Jerry Starnes and I taught personal evangelism and took participants in our classes out door-to-door witnessing for two weeks in Waspan, Nicaragua, and rural communities.

Jerry Starnes and his translator David.

Jerry said, "The highlight for me was when a lady invited us onto her porch. After sharing the plan of salvation she and her daughter both prayed and received Christ. She then said something I shall never forget the rest of my life. She said that she had seen us in her neighborhood and had hoped that we would stop to visit her to share the truths about how to be saved and go to heaven. She said many others had stopped at her home in the past, but every time she tried to find what they had told her in her Bible, she could not find what they were trying to tell her. We had actually shown her the verses from the Bible using the Roman road how to receive Christ and have the assurance of eternal life. She was so thankful and asked us to return and share with another daughter this same message. This lady lives just a couple of blocks from the Baptist church where we were working and was 'just hoping someone would tell her the truth.'" Jerry had thirty-one decisions in four days of sharing Christ.

During the last hour of visiting we had 25 decisions that included eight participants who made public decisions in the class at the end of the closing session. These were men and women who had attended all three days of training on personal evangelism. We had 83 decisions putting in practice what we were teaching.  

Evangelism class at Claro, Nicaragua.

Responses to the evangelism classes: "Never have we been taught evangelism and then went out to witness. We did not realize it was our responsibility to go out and witness."

Participant leading woman to Christ.

Others said, "This was very practical. Two years ago we had a crusade here, but no one taught us how to use the Scriptures to witness. With these presentations the whole family was included, men women and youth." Others said: "It was very practical and easy for us to use. We put in practice as we were learning the method." "The teacher was very animated. The Scriptures he used were chosen to touch the heart of the lost person. Very disciplined."

Participant witnessing to youth on the street near the church.

In the village of Saupuka the work is new. One night I preached on John chapter three and had eight decisions for Christ. This was typical response during the two weeks.

In Claro the participants were hungry for Biblical truths, and filled with excellent questions about the Christian life.

Evangelism class in Waspan, Nicaragua.

Evangelism class participant sharing her testimony.

Aristides sharing Christ with Miskito person in Uhuri, Nicaragua.

Miskito Christian witnessing during personal witnessing training in Claro, Nicaragua.

Wil having fun with Miskito villagers.

Miskito children playing in tree.

Miskito children playing in tree gave Wil an opportunity to share Christ by telling them about Jesus' visit to Zacchaeus' house in Luke 19:1-10.

Miskito child responding to a children's story in the life of Jesus.

Miskito house in Uhuri, Nicaragua.

Miskito house in the community of Uhuri which has 3,000 population in the large rural area.

what you can do

Partnership missions give you an opportunity to become personally involved in what God is doing in world missions. Pray daily for the work in Honduras. Give financially.  We are a faith mission and are dependent upon your financial gifts. Please pray about becoming involved in the support of our mission. “As long as the Lord provides I will give … $25  $50  $100 $___ a month.” Current Needs:

q     Pastor and Church Leadership Training Ministry in Ecuador.  Each trip costs approximately $3,000 and covers airplane tickets, room and board, rent for truck, gas, local workers, textbooks and food for students.

q     Pray for evangelism saturation teams to do door-to-door evangelism and rallies at night.

q     Pray for scholarships for Peniel Seminary students in Riobamba, Ecuador.

q     Pray for Evangelism Workshops with Nicaragua Baptist pastors.

q     Pray for wisdom to know where the Lord is leading to conduct evangelism workshops, and where to focus teaching ministry. We have been asked to return every three months and teach Ecuador pastors.

q     We are presenting one-day, three-day weekend, and one week Evangelism Workshops for pastors and church leaders in churches in Latin America. 

q     Pray for Alberto & Nancy Copa

Aristides and David giving a demonstration on personal witnessing at Miskito evangelism workshop.

Aristides Bustillo on left demonstrates personal witnessing with David Zedon. Aristides, pastor of First Baptist Church, Ocotal, Nicaragua, coordinates our work in Nicaragua. David is pastor of two missions and translates Bible studies for our Spanish website (www.AbideInChrist.org). Abide in Christ provided a motorbike for Aristides to use in his ministry. He and pastors in Northern Nicaragua have planted 11 new churches and missions during past four years as a direct result of our evangelism workshops. Aristides has a vision and a gift for starting new churches in areas where there is no evangelical witness.  

q     All gifts to Abide in Christ are tax deductible under IRS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.

Abide in Christ, Inc.

P.O. Box 17921
Hattiesburg, MS 39404
(601) 408-9874
Wil & Ann Pounds
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